bespoke cakes


The making of birthday cakes  originated during the 19th century. It’s been an integral part of baking then & now. Having cakes when celebrating birthdays, weddings, infant showers, festivals, wedding anniversaries & graduations, has been practiced by many people all over the world. It now seems more popular than ever!

Giving a birthday cake depends on whom you are giving it to. For example in the event you are going to give it to a child, of course you would think about purchasing or preparing cakes that a kid would appreciate like chocolate. A  cake that is filled with colourful decorations would be appropriate for this. You can purchase it from different cake shops or in the event you need, you can also make it yourself. All you need to do is to prepare the utensils; recipe& the method of making it all come together. You can also think about purchasing or preparing fruit cakes or ice cream cake for kids. It depends on the liking of the kid though & to keep away from disappointment, it is best to ask what they need first.

As for giving birthday cakes to a friend, special anyone, or to relatives, it would be good to think about the flavor of the cake they require, as well as the color they like the most! Of course it might be simpler to buy from the shops and have bespoke cakes made professionally. This is where you may need to think about having custom made; you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Keep in mind though, that the best birthday gift is given with thought & love.


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