How To Double Space in Word (All You Need to Know)

how to double space in word
how to double space in word

What is the best way to double space in Word? While it is a simple question, there are various ways to accomplish the same thing. We’ll show you how to get that white space when and where you need it throughout this guide. We’ll also discuss what it means and when to make it a double (so to speak). Continue reading for more information, or jump right to double-spacing.

Who discovered Microsoft Word? 

If you have ever used Microsoft Word, you will know that it is a very useful program and you can use it to create various documents. You can use it to write letters, create presentations, or create spreadsheets. But who discovered the Microsoft word? When I first started using the Microsoft word, I didn’t even know there was a creator behind the program.

I just thought that it was a great program, and I really liked using it. Microsoft Word has become one of the most popular programs that are available on the market today. If you don’t know how to use Microsoft Word, you are missing out on some of the best tools available to help you write and edit your work. Microsoft word is one of the most versatile tools that are available for use. It has been around for a long time, and it is still being updated. So if you want to learn how to use Microsoft Word, you can start with this article.

What is Double Spacing in Word?

It’s the act of inserting a blank line between every line of text, like an additional bit of padding. As a result, the document has been doubled in size and is now more readable.The extra lines are a result of the typewriter, which was the original generator of all printed text. When the typewriter was still in use, it had a six-line spacing. In order to add more room to a page, a writer skipped a line.

The typewriter would automatically insert a blank line between the two lines. It’s possible to use the \r (return) command to put an actual return in the middle of a line of text, but that tends to look less professional than using the extra line. The real purpose of inserting a blank line is to increase readability. When you paste a document from Word or another word processor into Writer, it will automatically insert the blank lines for you. If you don’t like them, you can remove them. Just select all the text and press Ctrl+I (Insert→Blank Lines).

How Often Should You Double Space?

Double spacing is a common practice in school and professional settings and is a standard part of APA, Chicago, MLA, and other grammar style guides. There are several advantages to double spacing, especially during editing. Double-spaced work is easier to read and offers more room for scribble notes (if the reviewer is reading a paper copy) or adding comments (if they are reading a digital copy).

How to Double Space in Word

For Most Versions

Double spacing can be achieved using the following methods in desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Microsoft 365:

Use the Spacing Button

·         Go to the toolbar.

·         Tap the four-line button with the up and down arrows.

·         Choose the desired spacing.

Choose “Design” from the menu

·         Go to the “Design” menu.

·         Find the “Paragraph Spacing” option.

·         Click on “Double.”

Use the “Format” context menu option

·         on the context menu to double space the text.

·         Highlight the text and right-click it.

·         In some versions of Word, this will only be labeled “Paragraph.” Click “Format” and then “Paragraph.”

·         Select “Indents and Spacing” from the “Paragraph” window.

·         Use the drop-down menu to set the line spacing.

·         Choose “Double.”

·         After that, click “OK.”

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

·         Highlight your text.

·         Use Ctrl+1 ( Command+1 for Mac) to single space.

·         Use Ctrl+2 ( Command+2 for Mac) to double space.

·         Use Ctrl+5 ( Command+2 for Mac) for 1.5 spacing.


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