How To Make Folders iPhone (Everything You Need to Know)

How To Make Folders iPhone
How To Make Folders iPhone

Folders make your apps easier to find and help you clean up your home screen. It is a great method for organizing your iPhone and simplifying your experience with it to group your apps into folders. Since I am a fan of keeping apps in the same category, I was delighted when iOS started grouping apps automatically in the App Library.

iPhone users can be divided into two kinds: those searching for apps by name or going through their folders to find them. I definitely fall into the first category. Here are the instructions for those who wish to join the first group.

How to create an App Folder on an iPhone

An app can be dragged and dropped onto another app on your iPhone’s home screen to make a new folder. Afterward, both apps will be moved to their new folders.

You first need to locate the first app you wish to add to a new folder. Once all your app icons start jiggling, tap and hold on to this app.

You can drag your first app onto another app while your icons are still jiggling. As a result, a new folder will be created containing both of your selected apps.

As you move apps to the new folder, your iPhone will assign the folder a name that is appropriate for those apps. Renaming a folder is as simple as opening it, tapping and holding the existing name, and typing a new name.

You can add more apps by dragging apps from your home screen and dropping them into your new folder. Similarly, you can remove apps from your folder by dragging them outside. You don’t delete your apps when you do this; only your folders are deleted. Your iPhone now has folders and groups for apps. Your iPhone home screen will be decluttered soon!

How To Delete an App Folder on an iPhone?

All the apps in an app folder must be removed from your home screen in order to remove it. The first step is to locate your folder and open it. Once each app has been removed from the folder, drag it outside. As soon as you drag all your apps outside a folder, your iPhone deletes it.

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How To Remove All App Folders from An iPhone

The iPhone allows you to quickly delete all the app folders you’ve created on your home screen. Rather than removing each folder individually, you can do it this way. Apps in folders aren’t uninstalled when the folders are removed.

  • The first thing you need to do is launch the Settings app on your iPhone. You can then reset your device by selecting General > Reset.
  • You can reset your home screen layout by clicking “Reset Home Screen Layout” on the “Reset” page.
  • You can reset the home screen by selecting “Reset Home Screen” in the open prompt.
  • Now all your app folders are gone from your home screen. The installed apps are now arranged alphabetically after the stock iPhone apps. Enjoy!


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