Spell Sniper 5e in D&D (Everything You Should Know)

spell sniper 5e
spell sniper 5e

Hello, adventurers of all sizes and shapes! This is the 53rd episode in our feats series. I would like to welcome you to my spellbook. Could your character be all that just fire barrages of our canna hellfire across the battlefield to ping people from across the battlefield? A Dnd 5e feat might be for you if your character is someone who doesn’t like being in combat and doesn’t like missing. This week we’re going to talk about spell sniper feats in D&D 5e. In a later part of this article, you’ll see why this is one of the most popular feats of the game. As it is in the players’ handbook, we should all be able to find it. That is amazing. With that hyped-up introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at the description and see how it breaks down.

Does Booming Blade Stack with The Spell Sniper Feat In 5e?

Booming blade 5e: Spell sniper will be available. Using a reach weapon, you can use a booming blade to take out a monster at a distance of 10 feet with spell sniper 5e. In Spell Sniper, if you have to make an attack roll before you cast a spell, the range of the spell doubles. In order to use the booming blade, you must have a weapon that can make a melee attack. Jeremy Crawford confirmed this in connection with 5e green flame blade, a somewhat similar spell.

The casting time for the booming blade is one action. The damage is listed as 1d8 bludgeoning, and you must make a melee attack. It’s unclear whether or not these counts as an attack roll, but it seems like it would count as an attack roll. You can only cast a booming blade once per turn. The attack is made with a reach weapon. This means that the target must be within 10 feet of you. If the target is further away than 10 feet, the spell does nothing.

Could He Have Been A 5e Spell Sniper?

In response to an opportunity attack from a hostile creature, you can cast a spell at the monster instead of attacking it. Using Warcaster 5e instead of an opportunity attack lets you cast Booming Blade 5e. The booming blade is a charm that requires 1 action to cast. This charm only targets one creature at a time. There’s no reason why this spell wouldn’t work with Warcaster 5e. The polearm master will grant you chance attacks when animals enter your reach.

Hit weapons should be glaives, halberds, pikes, or quarterstaffs. As well as whenever a creature leaves your reach, you can also make an opportunity to attack when it enters your reach. When an enemy enters or leaves your reach of 10 feet, you may throw a 5e booming blade instead of an opportunity attack.

Can Spell Sniper 5e + Booming Blade 5e + Achieve Weapon Be Combined?

Using it is suitable for non-swashbuckling rogues who wish to use a whip and maintain their bonus action or tempest (or) clerics. Martially inclined individuals who do not find additional attacks. The damage of Booming Blade isn’t too bad at all, and you should have enough ASIs to do it on most characters. Fighters and Rogues can obtain it in the middle of their careers with additional ASIs. Using BB with only 5e Spell sniper is not terrible either, but only for classes that do not have an extra attack, such as Rogue.

Final Considerations

This one is great, and I can see why it’s so popular with the cast. The ability to ignore half and three-quarters of the cover is probably the coolest feature. Many spells can also be thrown at ridiculous ranges. As far as I have observed, most encounters don’t usually happen over that long a range, to begin with. In that sense, it’s a bit of a plus, although I haven’t really found myself relying on it too often.


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