Ten Commandments Seven Deadly Sins (All You Need to Know)

ten commandments seven deadly sins
ten commandments seven deadly sins

I have to admit that Seven Deadly Sins is a weird anime. However, it’s still entertaining to see these 10 commandments go at it.This is the most powerful group of the Demon Clan. The 10 members of The Seven Deadly Sins series are antagonists picked by the Demon Lord. Members possess commandments they can endue on those who break them. The commandments are also immune from each other.

The following list looks at the strength of each commandment at its highest power level. To determine who is the strongest, we will look at combat class, as we did in our previous article The Seven Deadly Sins, Ranked According to Strength. The list is based on a manga adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins and may contain spoilers for the anime.

5 Commandments (Seven Deadly Sins)

  1. Fraudin – 31,000

Fraudrin, the commandment of selflessness, is the weakest of the 10 Commandments. It is he who possesses the body of Holy Knight Dreyfus, and he replaces Gowther. Those who follow Fraudrin’s commandment lose all sense of self, including their memories and feelings. Fraudrin has a combat class of 31,000. There are 13,300 points in magic, 15,500 points in strength, and 3,000 points in spirit. His main abilities are Full Size, enabling him to grow stronger and range longer. Meliodas completely obliterate the ruins of Fraudrin in one blow.

  1. Melascula – 34,000

She grew from a small snake into a giant hooded serpent that can also appear human after being exposed to Miasma. She has a commandment called Faith. Those around her must show faithlessness in her presence, or they will have their eyes set on fire. Her magic level is 31,500, her strength is 500, and her spirit level is 2000. Those around Melascula must cannibalize her to that level.

She has a special ability called Hell Gate. When Melascula is used, it can form portals that can be freely accessed. After Gowther, Elizabeth, and Elaine paralyze Melascula, Merlin captures her in a test tube, restoring her to her original form.

  1. Grayroad – 39,000

The commandment of Pacifism, Grayroad, is locked away after losing the Ancient War. Grayroad speeds up the lives of anyone who kills in its presence until they are killed. Its combat class is 39,000. The majority of Melascula’s power is magic. The magic she possesses is 26,500, the strength is 10,000, and the spirit is 2,500.

Grayroad’s primary ability is Cure. In this way, she can fight by inflicting diseases, meaning she won’t break her own commandment. A one-on-one battle between Grayroad and Merlin leads to Grayroad being captured in a test tube.

  1. Galand – 40,000

Galand’s normal form has a combat class of 27,000, making him the weakest of the 10 Commandments. His magic is 1,000 points, his strength is 24,000 points, and his spirit is 2,000. Among Galand’s most powerful abilities is Critical Over, and once he achieves it, he will rise to the level of 40,000 combat. Anyone who tells a lie but is aware of it is turned to stone according to the commandment of Truth.

During a battle against Escanor, Galand set the rule that the battle would end when one of them died. During the day, Galand attempts to flee the battle and is turned to stone by his own commandment due to his fear of Escanor’s power.

  1. Gloxinia – 50,000

The first Fairy Forest King before taking on the role of the commandment of repose was Gloxinia. It was not revealed before his death what his commandment of repose was. During the fight with Meliodas’ former master Chandler, Gloxinia died alongside Drole. She has 47,700 magic points, zero strength points, and 3,000 spirit points. This makes Gloxinia the strongest fighter in the world.

Her weapon is the Spirit Spear Basquias. The spear can change forms like King’s Spirit Spear. The form of Gloxinia’s tentacles commonly wraps around his body. The power of disaster is Gloxinia’s primary ability. It allows him to manipulate nature.


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