Why Choose a Tiled Conservatory Roof

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Whether you are looking to turn your conservatory into a comfortable all-year-round living space or simply improve its insulation, you should consider replacing the current roof with a solid tiled conservatory roof This type of roof is long lasting and provides complete weather protection.

It also regulates the temperature and reduces glare, making your conservatory more usable all year round. In addition, it adds value to your home.


You may not need planning permission if you are replacing an existing conservatory roof with a lightweight tiled one. The law changed in 2010 to allow solid roofs to be fitted without requiring any additional structure.

Lightweight tiles are easy to install and offer a more attractive finish than traditional tiles. They can be matched to your existing roof tiles or you can choose a contrasting colour to make a statement. They also have a longer lifespan than conventional tiles and are able to handle the British climate.

Unlike polycarbonate, which lets heat escape a replacement tiled conservatory roof will help you to retain the warmth in your home. With a U-Value of 0.18 you can use your conservatory in all weathers and maintain a comfortable temperature. You won’t have to turn the heating up to high and your energy bills will be lower too.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, a solid tiled conservatory roof is simple to fit. It can be fitted over an existing conservatory or as part of a new orangery project. It can even be installed over a glazed conservatory, providing your property with more space.

Designed for large spans, Ultraroof can be built up to 4m unsupported and does not require an unsightly tie bar like other solid roof systems. This allows for a beautifully uninterrupted vaulted ceiling that is sure to transform your space.

The internal plastered ceiling can be customisable, giving you the chance to add a wealth of light fixtures and accessories to your new room. Plus, any wiring for audio/visual equipment can be concealed within the ceiling. This gives your conservatory a clean, sleek appearance. In fact, we’ve carried out consumer research that found 8 out of 10 homeowners prefer the aesthetics of Ultraroof compared to other alternatives. It is also easy to install Velux windows into a solid tiled conservatory roof, allowing you to bring in more daylight.

Fire rated

Our tiled conservatory roofs are fully fire-tested and compliant to the latest building regulations. This means that your home will be safe and warm, which is especially important when it comes to burglary.

They also have an impressive u-value of 0.18, which helps to keep your home warmer. This will also help to reduce your energy bills, so you can save money in the long run.

This roof is ideal for existing conservatories as it can be easily installed without compromising the current frames. It is also the lightest roof on the market, making it easy to handle and fit. It is also strong enough to withstand high winds and heavy snowloads, and it doesn’t need tie bars – unlike many other traditional roofs. This makes it a much safer option for homes with young children or pets. It’s also easier to clean and maintain, which will save you time. A good quality roof can transform your conservatory into a year-round living space that is comfortable and practical.


Whether you have an existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory, a solid roof can transform your living space into something that feels like part of the house. A more insulated and warmer conservatory means you can use it all year round and save on energy bills.

Tiled roofs come in a range of colours and styles, making them a stylish addition to any home. They also add value as a functional room that can be used all the time is more appealing to buyers than a conservatory that is rarely used.

In addition to being a more attractive option, a solid roof will reduce noise pollution from rain and other sources, helping you to create a tranquil environment that is ideal for relaxation. For existing conservatories, you may need to obtain Building Regulatory Approval before installing a new roof as it changes the structure from temporary to permanent and will require structural mullions. This is a process that can be handled by your roofing installer and will depend on the style of conservatory you have.


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