Wine totes are available in many designs


When you are looking for a wine tote, there are several considerations.

Number of bottles of wine

Most wine totes can carry anywhere from 1 to 6 bottles of wine including wine from the south African wine routes

Bottle sizes

Consider what size bottles you will need to transport in your wine totes. Champagne and a few wines come in bottles that can be wider and taller than the average 750 mL wine bottle


Some wine totes, such as neoprene, are soft-sided; and some totes, such as leather carriers, are hard-sided. Leather may be more prone to scratching or dirt, whereas canvas or nylon is more durable and washable. However, a hard-sized tote may offer more protection.


Consider whether you will be traveling for long distances with wine or taking wine outdoors, such as on a hike or picnic. In those cases, you may prefer insulated wine tote bags


Wine bottle totes come in a wide range from simple, practical carriers to very elegant bottle carriers.

Neoprene carriers are relatively inexpensive, light, not bulky, and easy to fold. They are probably the most compact type of wine bottle carrier available. Simply slip the bottle into the sleeve and use the built-in handle. Neoprene carriers come in 1, 2, or 3 bottle carriers.

They come in solid colors, but designer styles are becoming more available. Companies are starting to offer silkscreened neoprene totes for personalized wine tote bags. This is a great way to commemorate an important event, such as an annual gathering or sales goal achievement.

Elegant wine totes include hard-sided leather cases. These cases are made to carry 1 to 4 bottles of wine and come in various r finishes. Some travel wine cases provide space for bottles, wine glasses, and a corkscrew.

Wine cork purses are just like they sound – single wine bottle carriers that look like purses and double as purses. They are available in many exterior designs and fabrics, just like regular purses. They may have clutch handles or longer purse straps.

To help you remember to use your wine tote at the store, place it in your car and your canvas grocery bags.

Insulated Wine Tote Bags

Some insulated wine tote bags will have thermal shield insulation. This provides a better insulation property than neoprene.

There are many insulated wine tote bags available for single bottles. These typically consist of an insulated cooler on the inside and sturdy cloth, nylon, or canvas exterior with a long carrying strap.

Other insulated totes for more than one wine bottle look and act much like other coolers. You can find them in a tote style (bag with straps) or more astonishing style (box with lid). Some insulated wine tote bags in the cooler style even have wheels and a handle, for example, those large enough to carry six bottles of wine.

One thing to look for in multi-bottle totes is a divider. Are the divisions available, and are they moveable to accommodate larger sizes of wine bottles? Full wine bottles are heavy. Examine the bottom of the tote and the handle or straps, and any stitching to determine if the carrier will hold up over time.

Wine picnic baskets are another elegant wine carrier.

Personalized Wine Tote Bags

Consider monogrammed wine totes. As mentioned already, neoprene bags can be silkscreened in various designs to commemorate that special occasion, including weddings, holidays, birthdays, and business events. For a slightly cheaper option, consider an imprinted wine cozy. These are cozies that are large enough to fit the lower part of the bottle.

Canvas wine totes can be monogrammed, and leather wine totes can be stamped to give you personalized wine tote bags. For business functions where many totes might be needed, consider a nylon wine tote bag with the company logo or a commemorative event imprinted on the front. Two-bottle nylon tote bags with imprinting can be inexpensive when ordered in bulk.


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