Word Of Radiance 5eDnD (Everything You Need to Know)

Word Of Radiance 5eDnD
Word Of Radiance 5eDnD

There is a lot of excitement among the characters in 5e Word of Radiance DnD Cantrip Cleric. The spell makes a small fireball when you speak a divine word, making it a lot of fun to use. Word of Radiance can target a specific creature within 5 feet of you, which is the only difference between thunderclap and Word of Radiance. Even though 1d6 damage increases as your level increases (Great, right?). This article discussed the intricates and potential drawbacks of the 5e Spell of Radiance.

Cantrip and Word of Radiance are terms used in DnD 5e. What are they? What is their purpose? What makes them suitable? What are their disadvantages? The following are the answers to these questions. Hopefully, this will clear your mind regarding this cleric spell as you go along.

Our next step is somewhat technical, so we want to make you aware of that. Please let us know if there is any doubt in your head in the comment section below. Now let’s dive into the 5e Cantrip Spell Word of Radiance.

DnD 5e Word of Radiance Cantrip Cleric Spell – What Is It?

‘Word of Radiance 5e’ is a one-of-a-kind spell that allows you to make a creature take 1d6 radiant damage or make it take a constitution saving throw. A burning radiance emanates from you when you cast a specific divine word. Nevertheless, 1d6 damage can rise to the following:

  • 2d6 in level 5
  • 3d6 in level 11, and
  • 4d6 in level 17

Word of Radiance 5e belongs to the Evocation school. A Cantrip level spell, it belongs to the Evocation school. Within a range of 5 feet, this spell can be cast once. The spell is designed to be used instantly. Both verbal and material components are used in this spell. Holy symbols are used as materials. There are scales as well.

What Is the Word of Radiance Spell in DnD 5e?

If a creature is targeted with the Word of Radiance DnD spell, they should be within 5 feet of it. A cleric casts this spell, so you are looking at a battle cleric. This is highly recommended for Clerics who have a War Domain or Life Domain. You get saved or take 3d8, and everything within 15 feet of you reduces to half its speed when you’re well armored, can hit to level 5, and are able to cast spirit guardians. As a bonus action, you can use a spiritual weapon to attack as a bonus. You can also cast Word of Radiance at the same time.

Three powerful creatures surround an adept of 5th level (Wis 16). His AC should be 17+ (without magic). Moreover, he can impose 1-round damage of 145d8+16d6+3 for maximum 1-round damage of 1259 harm (granted, you don’t get hit with everything every time, but this is incredible potential at the 5th level).

Due to the fact that those spells all allow you to exclude people, it makes sense that you would be able to bear two, three, or four level 5 clerics together, and their effects would therefore overlap. All of these four clerics can accept the same goal. Therefore, each round attacks a single target 13d8 + 8d6 + 12.

How Suitable Are Level 1 Spells and Cantrips for A Beginner Cleric In 5e?

Word of Radiance 5e DnD may be worth a shot if you are a melee cleric since it can strike multiple monsters from one cantrip. In addition, the second Cleric must be in charge of guidance. Both clerics and druids can do it. All ability rolls are boosted. It is more common to use a healing word than a cure word, which means it can be used as a bonus action. During a short rest after the battle, cure words are used. These words help restore hit points.


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