Explore Fascinating Bonaire with Bonaire resorts

Explore Fascinating Bonaire with Bonaire resorts

Although smaller and lesser-known than the other tropical destinations, Bonaire still promises a great time to all those that venture to its shores. This tiny island offers so much to those looking for an enjoyable holiday, from sightseeing to beaches.

The Bonaire National Marine Park is a tribute to the island’s marine preservation efforts. Pay the nature fee and then engage in any aquatic activities offered at the park. These include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and even fishing, to name just a few.

If you go during October or November, you might see either of the two swimming competitions. If you choose to snorkel, be mindful that you don’t have to go out far to see the marine life that abounds.

Taste of Bonaire is the perfect event to immerse yourself in that. This occurs several times a year, so always check to see if one will happen during your stay. It will help you eat more of the local food and get souvenirs like a goatskin bag.

Visit the salt flats and the Flamingo Reserve. You can only see the flamingos from the road. Please do not attempt to enter their reserve as it is illegal. If you like visiting distilleries, you can’t miss the Cadushy distillery. Cadushy is a liqueur that’s made from cactus. There’s no entrance fee, but it’s only open three days a week

Bonaire has over 22 beaches if you laze around on the Beach instead of sightseeing. Bachelor’s Beach is small and at the base of a cliff. You would have to walk down the stairs to get to the Beach. Another beach that makes you work a bit first is 1000 Steps. You would have to go down the 67 steps of the limestone stairs, where you may see the turtles in the water.

The island of Bonaire has been proud to belong to the world’s Top 5 Diving Destinations for several years now, and it has consistently stayed in the running for a reason. A few meters away from its shores, adventurers can set their eyes on a different world beyond their imagination. The marine life that thrives in its crystal-clear waters includes more than 300 species of tropical fish and a rainbow of over a hundred different types of coral.

Aside from its abundant marine life, several mysterious shipwrecks can also be found in the Bonaire Island seas. One of these is the Our Confidence, a reasonably recent attraction. Before it sunk beneath the waves in 2003, the 60-foot boat was used as a fishing vessel and a means of transporting refugees in World War II. From a shallow depth of 55 feet, divers can easily make out the ghostly wreck of the boat. Explorers can travel back in time and experience a spine-tingling adventure as they explore the vessel’s largely intact remains.

You can stay at Resorts Bonaire for an amazing holiday expereince that you will not forget.


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