Garage Door Installation& maintenance of New Garage Door


You can install a replacement door around your home pretty easily — all you have to do is tighten a couple of screws, and you’re done. However, installing your largest door may not be quite as easy as it seems. It can be difficult and dangerous to install a garage door, whether manual or automatic. There is no question that manual garage door installation is easier than automatic garage door installation, but which one you choose depends on what type of door you have.

The manual type of garage door consists of a handle that you can pull up. Automatic doors are much heavier, so manual doors are much easier to install. Because manual doors are light, there are fewer types of doors you can use Garage Door Installation Are you looking for a solid wood door for your garage? An automatic door would be required for such a heavy door.

These days, automatic doors are more common because of their convenience, but when dealing with a heavy wooden door, they are necessary. An automatic door installation involves not only installing the heavy door but also the motor and cables. Lifting a heavy door requires a powerful motor. Nevertheless, automatic doors are not without flaws – when the power goes out, they quickly become manual doors.

How to Prepare Your Garage for the Installation

When you purchase a garage door, you will be installing a new door in your garage. You may need to have your garage or driveway dug up, and installing the new door may require you to move or remove certain structures within your garage, such as a wall. You should always check with your local building department before beginning any construction project to ensure that your garage meets all of the building codes for your area.

You can find many garage doors, but there are a few key things to consider when choosing one. The first thing to consider is what kind of door do you want? There are many options: · Garage door openers are easy to install and operate. You simply press the button on your remote control to open and close the garage door. · Roll-up doors: With this type of garage door, you can roll the door back into the garage to open it. When closed, the roll-up door will block the garage from view and can be locked with a padlock or chain. · Paneled doors: These doors are very popular because they are very attractive and give your home a professional look. They also come in various styles and sizes. · Sectional doors: This type of garage door is made up of panels that can be opened separately. · Sliding doors: These doors are typically made of steel and have tracks on which the door slides. You can find these doors in both standard and sectional models.

Ask Our Installation Team What to Expect

As a Creative Door customer, you can be confident that our certified and experienced technicians are capable of installing, repairing, and maintaining any type of garage door.

We’ll inspect your door thoroughly after its installation to ensure it’s functioning properly and poses no safety issues. Feel free to ask any questions you might have as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please check with your local branch to confirm and for more information. Cleaning and disposing of your old garage door are normally included in installation services at most Creative Door branches.

Maintenance Of Your New Garage Door

It’s essential to maintain garage doors every year, even if they’ve been expertly installed. This should come as no surprise. Almost everyone opens and closes their garage over a thousand times a year, and they’re full of moving parts.

Service is recommended at least once a year for your garage door. Maintaining your door will lower your repair costs, increase lifespan, and prevent sudden breakdowns. Our maintenance plans will help you keep your door in good shape. This arrangement can offer regular inspections and repairs at discounted rates.

Do you need some tips? With our blog, you can find a wealth of articles that can assist you in maintaining your garage door. Additionally, you can do several things yourself to help maintain your garage door, such as cleaning it regularly, lubricating the moving parts, and detecting and troubleshooting any unusual sounds.


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