Good content comes before anything on youtube


Good content comes before anything else, but this doesn’t necessarily require a big budget. What causes a video to go viral deserves a post of its own, but these attributes generally help.

– Countdowns – People love a good countdown.
– Unpolished – Many things that go viral are unpolished and give the audience the sense that they are seeing something that they aren’t normally “supposed” to see. In short, viral videos are authentic.
– Controversy – Viral videos tend to jump into the middle of a controversy where both sides are highly credible and relevant.
– Humor – Be funny. Enough said.
– Cuteness – There’s a reason cats have taken over the internet.

Obviously, not all of these elements make sense for every site. Learn the lessons taught by these attributes and use the same logic to craft content that’s more likely to be shared.


Try to build reputations other influential YouTube profiles as much as possible. Leave comments, respond to feedback, and send messages. Befriend them and you will create a relationship that can later be leveraged. Step outside of YouTube and connect with influential bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook pages.


Submit your videos to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Take care to learn the nuances of these sites and make sure that you are submitting in the right place.

Share your videos with influential tweeters, bloggers, and Facebook personalities, preferably after having built a relationship first. Submit the videos to open Facebook communities as well as your own Facebook page.

Obviously, post the video to your blog. Promote the blog post the same way you would any other.

SEO Benefit

Use your YouTube distribution system to send links back to your site. Edit the embed code to include a link to your website or a specific page on your site, including your target keyword if it’s possible to do so in a way that isn’t awkward. Make sure that the video is set to be publicly viewable. Use the keyword in the title and file name of the video and the description.

Focus exclusively on one keyword, no stuffing. Include a transcript so that the content of the video is indexed. Encourage people to share the video using the embed code in order to get more links to your site and your YouTube page. The stronger the video page becomes, the more the link from that page back to your site will count.


Depending on your goals, it may be worth it to seed the videos with traffic from advertisements to get the ball rolling. This can be especially helpful if you market the video through ads on Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Facebook.

The Goal

The point of all this shouldn’t be to generate immediate sales. Instead, it should be to accumulate an audience of followers interested in hearing more from you. A loyal audience is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in the future for sales, increased visibility, and reputation¬†and more viewers with yt market


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