LARP Rattery Tips (Owner Providing Tips)


Is it difficult for you to decide whether or not to get a pet rat for yourself and your family? It’s always best to ask professionals about their favorite topics, so we touched base with dozens of rat breeders across the country and asked them a simple question:

What are the best traits that you look for in a rat? We were impressed by the answer they gave us. Here is what they told us: “The biggest thing is temperament. It’s very easy to have a good temperament in a rat, and it’s easy to have a bad one. The first thing I look at is whether or not they’re aggressive or not. I don’t want them ​LARP Rattery if they’re aggressive towards other rats or humans.

They can be a bit more challenging to train, but they’re worth it.” Do they know any tricks? “They can learn tricks if you train them. Most people don’t know that, but they do. And some of them can learn multiple tricks. So it depends on what you want to teach them and how fast you want to do it. It takes a little bit more time to teach them, but once they’re trained, they can do them over and over again.

Tips & Tricks on LARP Rattery

  1. Don’t Buy Rats from Pet Stores

Most pet stores and feeder breeders will give you sick rats, aren’t socialized and are often afraid of people because they haven’t had good human experiences. During their early years, a good, reputable breeder spends time with them daily, ensuring that they have only positive experiences with humans and are disease free.

The breeder also teaches them basic training skills, such as how to come when called, sit, stay, and lay down. These things are important so that your rat doesn’t end up like the ones in this story. You’ll know what to look for if you see rats in the wild: Black fur or black with white on top.Long, thick whiskers and large, wide ears. These rats have a light coat and are less likely to be infected with parasites.

  1. A Reputable Breeder Makes a World of Difference

During and after your purchase, breeders are available to answer your questions. They’re an excellent source of information during your adventures with a mischief-maker. You can reach out to the breeder with any questions after you bring your new furballs home.

When deciding which breeders to choose, you have to ask yourself what type of dog you want. You want a breed that will be loyal to you and your family. It also needs to be one that is easy to train and live with. When choosing a puppy, it’s important to consider the litter’s size. The number of puppies in a litter determines how much attention they get. If there are only two or three puppies, they won’t get as much love as if there are more.

  1. Keep Several Rats Together at All Times

Once you are bonded with a rat, you will be able to see their sense of logical thinking and emotional intelligence and how their past behaviors determine what favors they will get in the future and how much help they’ll get when they’re down. Humans are poor substitutes for rats, so they need a rat companion, but groups of three create real magic

RAT TALK – When I first met my first two rat-bonded friends, I didn’t realize that I’d just bonded with a pair of very smart animals. It wasn’t until I was on my own that I realized that these rats had been giving me advice for years. If you’re lucky enough to find three rats who have been together for a while, you can really get inside their heads.


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