Mixing cocktail drinks is relatively straightforward

Mixing cocktail drinks is relatively straightforward

Mixing cocktail drinks is relatively straightforward — pour ingredients together, stir, and then sip. However, there are vital details that can’t be overlooked for a cocktail drink to taste like something you would enjoy. They are not difficult, but they’re crucial.

If you are making the common mistake of forgetting important details, you are missing what can be a great drink. Do not waste another cocktail; read about the common mistakes when mixing cocktails, and you’d be able to enjoy better drinks.

  1. Not Observing Proper Proportions

Do not think that stronger is better. Cocktail drinks are not supposed to be strong. So, make sure you observe proper proportions to create a well-balanced drink.

  1. Skimping On Ice

Remember that ice is crucial when mixing cocktails. It cools the drink down to a pleasant temperature and dilutes the drink to the proper ratio.

  1. Treating All Ingredients Equal

With regards to muddling, not all ingredients are the same. It’s best to muddle more complex ingredients like citrus more vigorously than delicate ingredients such as fresh herbs.

  1. Forgetting The Garnish

Garnish is not merely about aesthetics. It also adds a particular finishing flavor profile to the cocktail. Before putting a garnish of fresh herbs on your cocktail, rub them between your palms to release oils. If you’re using the citrus garnish squeeze it together over the cocktail and skin side down before adding it to the glass’s rim.

  1. Ruining A Cocktail With Bad Ice

Yes, there is such thing as bad ice! If ice has been in the freezer for too long, it can start to take on the tastes and smells of the freezer. These can make their way into the cocktail’s flavor, spoiling it. Use fresh ice to have better cocktails.

  1. Skipping The Bitters

A few dashes of bitters could be just the thing it requires to make your cocktail go from OK to excellent. They add complexity to your cocktail, which you won’t get otherwise. However, remember not to overdo it. Just a few drops can go a long way.

  1. Forgetting to Observe The Ice

When shaking a cocktail drink, you should look at the ice cubes to know when your drink is ready. Smooth edges on the ice cubes mean that you have reached the ideal dilution of around 25%.


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