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Whether you are in the construction industry or you are a hobbyist, there are several types of panel banders that you can choose from. These banders are used to create a solid, bonded seam for various projects. You can choose to buy a simple bander or a bander that is more advanced and customizable.

Getting the best results from edgebanders involves proper machine setup, cleaning, and maintenance. But not all edgebanders are created equal. Choosing the right machine can ensure the best results, especially when dealing with particle board or coiled materials.

Hebrock Edgebanders for panel banders come in a range of different models. Among them, the K range is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. All of the machines in this range are CNC compatible, and they come with a fast-heating glue pot and 10-inch PLC control with touch screen. These machines are also equipped with a corner rounding unit and a grooving saw.

The K 37 is the biggest machine in the Hebrock range. It has a large, 5540-mm footprint length, and it is capable of feeding at 10 meters per second. It also comes with a multi-radius profile scraper. It also features a visual display for workpiece sequencing.

Contour Semi-automatic Edge Bander Machine

Whether you are a professional or novice woodworker, there is a contour semi-automatic edge bander machine to suit your needs. They apply hot-melt glue directly to the edgebanding, eliminating the need for gluing before edge banding. They are also designed to handle shaped parts, such as square and rectangular panels.

This machine also comes with a foot-activated mid-point transfer station, which raises the finished banded part off of the vacuum pod. It also includes an extended base frame, which accommodates more room for banding and trimming. This makes the machine very versatile. It is also easy to maintain.

This machine also has a pneumatic guillotine, which can cut rolls of material to a maximum thickness of three mm. It can be activated using an electromagnetic trimmer or a foot switch.

Regardless of the size of your shop or the level of edge banding you do, SCM can provide the right machine for the job. In fact, the Group’s lineup of edge banders covers the entire range of needs in machining straight panels.

SCM edgebanders are a world-renowned brand in the industry. Whether you’re looking to edgeband wooden strips, PVC or ABS, SCM has a machine to suit your needs. Besides, the brand is renowned for its ease of use and reliability.

The Minimax ME 40 is a good example of a small to midsize edge bander. The company’s signature track feed system is designed to eliminate transfer marks and boost productivity. The unit also features a 9 meter per minute panel feed speed. The machine has an encoder that monitors your panel’s position for optimal feed. The company also boasts a Teflon coated glue pot that allows for easy cleaning and replacement.

Whether you’re setting up a new edgebanding business or you’re already operating an edgebander, there are some basic tips that will help you keep your machine producing quality components. These tips can reduce downtime and keep your edgebander producing high quality components.

Edge banding is the process of applying thin strips of wood to the raw edges of a panel. It acts as a moisture barrier and adds strength to the furniture. Edge bands are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They can be made of wood or polypropylene.

When you’re setting up an edge banding business, you should first decide on the material you’re going to use. For commercial purposes, you should opt for a 3mm edge band. This thickness is generally recommended for straight edges. However, there are some situations where you may need to use a thicker edge band.

Xcel-Edge edgebanding chemicals

Xcel-Edge edgebanding chemicals, are one of the best known names in the industry. The company offers a wide variety of products designed to meet virtually any laminated panel edgebanding need. They are also notable for their innovation in the industry, such as their patented high speed edge banding machine solution.

The company’s most recent high-speed edge banding machine solution, launched in March of 2021, offers significant improvements in the quality of bandings. Another important pointer, albeit less well-known, is the company’s extensive EVA hot melt offering.

The company’s nVision series machines are the number one selling semi-automatic contour bander in North America. The company’s newest offering, XE195-220c, works with straight line banders and contour banders. It also offers a number of useful features, including increased penetration and ability to bond to substrates.


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