Youtube Comments Not Loading Fixing (Updated Guide)

Youtube Comments Not Loading
Youtube Comments Not Loading

It is important to leave a comment on YouTube, regardless of whether you are a creator of content or a viewer. If you upload videos, that type of interaction will help you in improving future posts and help the algorithm pick up your videos for recommendation to non-subscribers. In the case of the audience, it allows you to support the content you want, express your opinions, and obtain more information. Therefore, it is a big hassle when YouTube comments don’t load, just like any YouTube server error.The good news is that there are a few ways to fix the problem. Using the official YouTube app and a mobile browser, we will teach you the different methods of loading and posting comments on YouTube.

Why YouTube Comments Do Not Load

It might be a good idea to find out what is causing the error before taking action, although it is not always known what causes YouTube comments to fail to load. Even so, it is important to identify the possible causes early on so that you can choose the most effective solutions. Here are some of the most typical causes of the error:

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading?

There is a solution to your YouTube commenting problems, whether you don’t see the comments box or it won’t load. Below are 15 things you can try:

Log In to Your Youtube Account

Do you remember the first time you commented on a YouTube video? Only after you had created your account and channel was it possible to do so. You must have a YouTube account to interact with the video creator and other viewers. Because of this, YouTube comments won’t load when you are logged out of your account or do not have one. If your main YouTube account does not work, you need to log in again or use another account. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Find the round profile icon at the top-left corner on a mobile browser or YouTube app.
  • Choose the Sign-in option.
  • Sign in with your profile, or register a new account by tapping the plus icon.

You Need to Refresh the Youtube Page

Refreshing the page is an easy solution that can solve the problem in no time at all. Reload YouTube on a mobile browser by tapping on the three dots in the upper-right corner and selecting the refresh icon. Reload YouTube on the app by tapping the first video to scroll down. The process is even quicker than signing in.

Sort YouTube Comments

The YouTube page can also be reloaded directly by refreshing the comments box. Changing the sort order of comments from Top Comments to Newest First or vice versa will enable you to do this. Whether you’re using the app or a mobile browser, the procedure is the same no matter how you access YouTube.Toggle YouTube comment sorting using these steps:

  • Go to the video and open the comments box that does not appear.
  • At the far right of Comments, tap the up-and-down arrow icon.
  • Next to the X button, tap the square slider icon.
  • Choose whether to display the newest comments or the most popular.

Connect A Mobile Device to A Network

YouTube requires you to be online for it to work, so you need a stable and active internet connection on your device. When you use a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular connection, YouTube loads faster. If you are having trouble seeing comments, try disconnecting your gadget from the network and reconnecting it.Re-establish a connection by doing the following:

  • From the Android or iOS home screen, tap the Settings icon.
  • Turn off the connection by sliding the slider or clicking the Wi-Fi or Mobile Networks button.
  • Connect again as soon as your modem has been restarted or immediately afterward.
  • Manually select the network if the connection is not automatic.


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