Commercial Locksmith Services


Commercial locksmith services focus on protecting the property and equipment of a business. This includes the installation of high-security locks that are difficult to break into.

These locks can be installed in doors, windows and even safes. Other commercial security solutions that they provide include panic bars and magnetic locks.

Installation of New Locks

Commercial locksmiths ensure that the safety of a business premise is not compromised by providing high-end locks, which are difficult to break into. They also provide a variety of services like installation, replacement and repair.

A commercial property may have a lot of sensitive equipment, which needs to be protected from thieves. To do this, the locks need to be sturdy and well-designed. These locks should also be easily accessible for the authorized employees. Commercial locksmith services can be hired to install different kinds of locks, including mortise and cylindrical locks.

These locksmiths can even install digital locking systems in offices. This allows you to control who has access to which part of the office, and can also keep track of the activities inside. This way, you can rest assured that the important files and documents will be safe from theft. They can also help you set up a master key system, which will allow only designated people to enter.

Replacement of Lost Keys

A commercial space needs a lot more locks and security systems than a residential property does. This is why it is important to work with a locksmith who specialises in business properties. A good commercial locksmith will be able to recommend the best type of security for your office and will install and repair them for you.

Commercial locksmiths can also replace lost keys for you if necessary. They will be able to do this quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to shut down your business for the day. In most cases they will try to pick the lock first but if this doesn’t work they will dismantle the lock and put in a new one.

They can also break into safes if needed. They know how to do this without causing any damage and will keep the contents of the safe secure. This is particularly useful if you have sensitive information stored in your business.

Re-keying of Locks

Re-keying is a process that allows a new key to operate a lock. It can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Whether you just bought a home and worry about how many previous owners have keys floating around, or simply want to lighten the hefty bundle of keys that takes up valuable space in your pocket or purse, it’s a great option.

Commercial locksmith services re-key locks to allow a single master key to open all the locks in an establishment or corporation. This is done by re-configuring the pins in the lock cylinder to match a different key.

Re-keying a door knob, lever, or deadbolt is not as complex as it may seem. Most locks have two sets of pins set within the plug; these are called driver pins and key pins. When a key is pushed into the plug it activates the driver pins and brings them into alignment with the key shear line, allowing the plug to rotate and open the lock.

Maintenance of Locks

Commercial locksmith services provide clients with a complete range of security options that include installing and servicing locks, door reinforcements, alarm systems, and other hardware. They are able to run risk assessments and recommend better, more secure options to help protect businesses against theft of inventory or data from break-ins.

Locks can become damaged through regular use or due to environmental factors like weather. This can cause them to malfunction, jam, or break down which can compromise a building’s security. Regular maintenance is important to keep locks in good condition. Locksmiths can perform routine inspections to check for any signs of damage and tampering, and they are able to repair or replace damaged locks.

Unfortunate events can occur, and your team may get locked out with precious minutes ticking by. You don’t want to resort to forcing the doors open or breaking a window because this will likely cause more damage than it solves. A qualified commercial locksmith is able to quickly respond to these situations and unlock the doors to let your team back inside.


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