How To Make A Clan In Destiny 2 – A Fun Game

how to make a clan in Destiny 2
how to make a clan in Destiny 2

As much fun as it may be to be a lone wolf, being a lone wolf isn’t always for everyone. You may soon realize that Destiny 2 is more fun to play with friends as you progress through the game. In Destiny 2, joining a clan is one of the best ways to make new friends as well as a great way to enhance your gaming experience with coordination.

After you become a member of a clan, you’ll be able to access private fireteams, Clan Rewards, additional bounties, and a Clan Banner. As a rule, in most games, there’s either an NPC in the game or a menu option that allows players to join or create clans. Although the process is slightly different in Destiny 2, it does appear to be more accessible since you won’t even have to log in to the game to begin with.So, here’s how you can start a clan in Destiny 2.

Create A Clan on The Bungie Website

You can create a clan through the Bungie website with any web browser on any device.

  • Check out the Bungie Clans website.
  • Log in using your credentials or your preferred method of login.
  • You can click on the Create Clan button once you log in.
  • Type in the name of your clan.
  • Your clan’s short name, a four-character-long name that will appear next to your name in Destiny 2, should be written down.
  • Write down your clan motto.
  • The next part of the process is optional. You can write anything you want.
  • Upon completing the motto, you will be asked to provide a description of your clan. It will be particularly helpful to players looking for clans, since they will be able to judge your class by looking at the description.
  • If you’d like to accept members through approvals, you can choose the clan’s language and security options.
  • Click “Create Clan” to complete the process.
How To Make A Clan In Destiny 2 Pc
How To Make A Clan In Destiny 2 Pc

Create A Clan in Destiny 2 By Use the Companion App To

You can create a clan without applying the first method if you have the Companion app installed on your iOS or Android device.

  • Simply sign into the Companion app.
  • Tap on the Clans icon at the bottom of your screen to access its section.
  • Click on “Create Clan.”
  • The clan’s name, motto, shortname, description, as well as security settings, should be entered.
  • You can then click on “Create Clan” to complete the process.

How Can You Join a Clan InDestiny 2?

You’ll also need the Companion app or a browser to join a clan in Destiny 2.

  • Visit Clan Search on any device, whether you’re using the companion app or a browser.
  • Tap the Clans button on the Companion app to access the Clan Search section.
  • The only box you’ll see will require you to enter the full name of the clan you wish to join.
  • If it is a clan without any security measures, then you should consider joining their ranks as soon as you can.
  • You may need to wait a while if you are trying to get into a clan with increased security, so be aware that this may take a while.

How Can You Leave a Clan in Destiny 2?

Even if clan adventures begin with a honeymoon phase, you may find yourself in situations where your current crew is not the best option. You may also want to leave a clan due to a break or you may just want to go on an adventure.

Leaving a clan is as easy as creating one. Either on the Bungie Companion app or the Bungie website, you’ll need to go to the Clan section. You can leave your clan by clicking on the banner of your clan. The “Leave Clan” option will appear on your screen.

You can create a new clan or join another after leaving your current clan by following the steps above.


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