How to Make Fake Instagram Profile

Fake Instagram profile
Fake Instagram profile

Instagram certainly speaks volumes as a social media platform if “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Although Instagram is photo-heavy, you can’t see your profile unless you make it live and private, so others won’t know what you’re up to.

Why not create a fake Instagram profile using mockups, which you can then visualize what your profile and posts would look like? It’s useful, maybe even crucial to Instagram, to preview what your profile and posts might look like.

What Is the Purpose of Creating a Fake Instagram Account?

You can see what your profile and posts will look like in the future! This will help you:

  1. Align Marketing Strategies with Marketing Goals:

It will be especially helpful if your brand has a particular look and feel, or specific colors and themes, because creating a fake Instagram account will give you an overview and allow you to see how you can align marketing goals, branding, and strategy with it.

  1. This Will Save You Time & Effort:

To test and error, you no longer need to create fake accounts or toggle the privacy of your account. It only takes a few clicks to see what it looks like using mockup generators.

  1. Make Presentations More Appealing & Pitch Marketing Ideas

For a presentation, would it be helpful to see what an Instagram profile would look like? Maybe you’re a marketing professional or a freelancer looking for a project. If you create a fake Instagram profile, you can show how the real profile would look, which can improve pitches and presentations.

fake instagram profile maker
fake instagram profile maker

How to Make Fake Instagram Profile: Follow 3 Easy Methods

At Media Modifier, we’ve made it simple for you to create a fake Instagram profile using our mockup generator.

  1. Gather Your Intended Account Information:

Make sure you have all the information you need to fill in the basic aspects of your Instagram profile:

  • Account name
  • Website
  • Brand/profile description
  • Profile picture or logo
  1. Prepare Your Intended Posts & Categories

Consider the following as you prepare your branding, color scheme, and marketing goals:

  • Your intention is to create approximately 6 mock posts (both still images and videos)
  • for your Instagram Story highlights, grouped into at least three categories
  1. Start Creating Your Instagram Mockup by Choosing One of The Available Templates:

Would you like a simple Instagram profile and highlights mockup template, or perhaps a more specific mobile Instagram profile mockup template? Select the Instagram mockup template you prefer from our library and get started!

You can add and edit your fake Instagram profile using our sidebar menu and drag-and-drop function in our mockup generator, such as the Instagram Profile and Highlights Mockup Generator.

  • You can add text (channel title, small title, etc) using the sidebar menu.
  • Drag and drop your pictures into all picture sections (profile picture, highlights, posts).
  • You can turn off the following highlights in the sidebar menu if you’d like to have fewer highlights: 1) Highlight Title 2) Highlight 3) Highlights Background.

How to Tell if a Facebook Account is Fake

You might not be far from the truth if you’ve ever come across an Instagram account with thousands of followers that seems like it could be fake.

Despite the fact that there are many fake accounts, some of them are run by bots, while others are run by humans. Thus, the real question here is, how do you determine the authenticity of an account?

There are several ways to tell if an account is fake; some might impersonate a public figure, and some might be created to simply defraud others.


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